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Why for free? Nobody would paid for this music. Over 50 labels never replied and 16 blogs reject it in one day. There's not a single person that would like it. YouTube statistics clearly state that average listening time is around 5 seconds. No buys on iTunes, no plays on Spotify. With less fans than fingers on a hand, mixing bass as main instruments with drum machines in songs that has no catchy hooks is the worst musical idea ever.

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Hellben is a musician, songwriter, singer and record producer. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence that lead to very unsuccesful musical career. Too soft for rock, too hard for pop.



With no intentions to become popular or get recognition from anyone, Hellben's music is just bad. Monotonous or overcomplicated song structures with unoriginal or too future melodies are created with one purpose: to do what you love to do even if it means that nobody else like it.

What They Say About Track Deaf Dance.

  • This song fits really well with the video, we think there is some great ideas here just wished the track had a little more variety and an additional element that would really help it stand out, but that's just the style of the track I understand.

    Precision Select
  • Didn't really understand the approach for the record's creative approach.

    SOM Magazine
  • Reminds me a little bit of mr. oizo but the melody is not catchy enough for that.

  • I like the thumping bass on this and some of the arrangements plus your transitions are interesting, but the production feels a bit too monotonous for me, sorry.

    Conversations About Her
  • Cool synth line but wanted more to happen with the tune overall.

    Dance Like Nobody's Watching
  • Didn't enjoy the grimy feeling beats on this track sadly.

    Chimaera Music
  • Cool video i like the beat and the bass is really cool but its a bit too much in my opinion i would have change the structure and give some breaks from the bassline here and there.

  • Track shows some real talent but just not sure the drums are quite where they need to be, kinda sounds a bit flat, which is odd considering the gritty nature of the timbre you were targeting.

    Harder Blogger Faster
  • Thanks for sending but too much "tech-house" for our target!

    This Is EDM
  • Love the bassline, the production is really cool and I like the visuals but I'm not so hot on the vocals. Sorry!


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